Play Starburst Slot Machine For Free

Starburst slot is the most popular game at the moment. The essence of this popularity lies in the simplicity of the game itself, as well as in the amazing atmosphere of outer space and interplanetary sounds.

From the very first entry into the game, you will be pleasantly struck by the calm and serenity of the slot. However, this will only last until the first win.

As soon as you win the screen will burst with explosions with the corresponding sounds. They will notify you of your winnings. The greater the gain, the greater the cosmic explosion.

The essence of the game

In my opinion, the essence of the game is to collect as many WILD characters as possible in one draw. The maximum possible number here is 9. The fact is that when a WILD symbol appears on the second, third or fourth reels, this symbol expands to the entire vertical drum.

This starts respin. If during the respin the WILD symbol also falls out on the other two reels, then it also expands. And another respin is launched. Thus, you can get up to 4 wins in a row during one spin. And all this thanks to respin.

There are no symbols on the first and fifth reels of the WILD. That is why the symbols with the highest price should appear on these extreme reels. These include a planet with the inscription BAR and sevens.

How to get the maximum win

In order to get the maximum win you need to fill the second, third and fourth reels of WILD with symbols. It is also necessary to catch the BAR symbols on the fifth and first reels.

Play Starburst Slot Machine For Free

That’s when you can get the maximum win on all 10 lines. More precisely on 20 lines. In Starburst slot, 10 lines are conditional. These 10 lines play both ways.

If you completely fill the playing field with the same symbols, then all the lines will play in both directions and your winnings will be maximum.

How to play for free at Starburst

Playing Starburst for free is easy. You can do this on this page using a special window with the game. Just press PLAY FOR FREE and the game will start.

The free game is well suited for those who want to try the slot before playing for real money. Or maybe you don’t want to play for real money at all, then the free game option will suit you the most.

How to control the gameplay

To control the gameplay in the Starburst slot you need to use the buttons on the bottom panel of the game. The main button for rotating the reels is right in the center and has the shape of a circle.

Using various arrows, you can set the size of the bet you need and only then click on the main reel start button. Also on this panel there is a special button marked with the letter i.

By clicking on it, a panel with the rules of the game and its main functions will open in front of you. Be sure to study it before starting your space journey.

Irish Starburst Casinos

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