Play Rainbow Riches Slot Machine For Free

Absolutely all people on our planet are pleased to watch the appearance and flickering of a rainbow. Multi-colored tones enhance the mood and allow you to optimistically look into the future. It is with this positive point that the developers from Barcrest have tied their Rainbow Riches slot.

Against the background of a multi-colored rainbow, we play an amazing game that has prepared us a fairly wide selection of various bonuses. We will talk about all these bonuses a little later. And now let’s enjoy the fabulous sounds of the game and see what symbols we have prepared.

Rainbow Riches slot symbols

To begin with, the game has a whole set of symbols corresponding to the symbols of playing cards. These include the ace, king, queen, jack and ten.

Play Rainbow Riches Slot Machine For Free

In addition to these symbols, the slot also has original pictures. All these pictures are associated with various bonuses, however, one of them remains a common symbol.

And this is a picture with the logo of the game. Next are three different symbols that carry the opportunity to play one or another bonus game. Yes, I completely forgot, there is also a WILD symbol, which replaces any other symbol except scatter.

The WILD symbol depicts a coin with the honorable gentleman and the inscription WILD. The inscription is made in blue. Well, now let’s talk about three types of bonuses.

Road to riches feature

This bonus opens a path to wealth for the player. In order to be able to play it, you need to catch from the playing field from 3 to 5 funny eared lepricons. It is worth remembering that the number of dropped lepricons directly affects the possible winnings in the bonus game.

The more lepricons you catch in the standard game, the greater the multipliers in the bonus game. The bonus game begins on an open hill. Before us opens a path with factors.

In the case of the bonus game obtained for 3 lepricon symbols, the first and last factors are x1 and x200. You rotate a special drum, on which there are marks of numbers from 1 to 6.

Depending on what size the number fell to you, you move along the game path and type your multiplier. The multiplier applies to your total bet in the game.

In case you have caught 4 lepricons, then the maximum factor in the bonus game is x400. I have never managed to catch 5 lepricons. I assume that in this case the size of the maximum gain grows several times.

Wishing well feature

This is another bonus game in the Rainbow Riches slot. You can play it only after you catch 3 wells on the playing field. You will not be able to miss the moment of the beginning of this bonus as it is accompanied by cheerful music.

This bonus is short enough, because all you need to do is select the well you like from those that fell on the playing field. The multipliers of the main bet are hidden in these wells. The size of these factors is very small. The maximum factor that I saw during my game was x15.

3 pots of gold feature

In this bonus game you are offered a jackpot. Here is a special drum that you can rotate. There are 3 types of jackpot. A pot of bronze coins is a bronze jackpot, a pot of silver coins is a silver jackpot and a pot of gold coins is a golden jackpot.

The golden jackpot is the maximum in this bonus. The size of this prize depends on how many players have played and are playing it. So, you rotate the special drum and you get a pot of a certain color. This dropped pot is the determining factor for your winnings.

Where to play Rainbow Riches for free

You can play Rainbow Riches slot for free right on our website. Especially for you, we have prepared a demo version of the game. The advantages of this version are that you can watch all the bonus games and slot features without risking your own money. Play for free and be lucky.

Is the game available in Ireland

It seems to me that it would be a big mistake to allow the inaccessibility of this game in our country. This slot perfectly conveys the Irish traditions, legends and atmosphere that many of our compatriots liked. Moreover, Irish traditions are known far beyond the borders of our country.

This game spreads information about our culture and our legends. However, at the same time I met casinos in which this game was absent. Therefore, we have prepared for you a special list of casinos in which this game is available.

Moreover, these casinos have great bonus offers for players from Ireland. We are well aware of what the Irish players like, so we offer you only the most interesting and attractive offers.