Play Rainbow Jackpots Slot Machine For Free

Play Rainbow Jackpots Slot Machine For Free

Irish rainbow

Play Rainbow Jackpots Slot Machine For FreeFrom the first seconds of the gameplay in the Rainbow Jackpots slot, every Irishman will be able to feel something familiar and close to him in spirit. The first thing I noticed is the music. The musical accompaniment is fully consistent with Irish motives and uplifting. Before us on the screen is a golden arch.

It is under this arch that the main gameplay takes place. The entire slot is filled with gold color. About half of the characters are depicted in yellow. All this sets up an atmosphere of wealth and good winnings. I also consider it necessary to say that the provider of this game is Red Tiger. The creators have worked very hard to make the player feel comfortable during the game. Try this slot at your leisure necessarily.

Game process

I decided to create such a title in order to tell the players about the standard game and its features. The thing is that I was struck by a large number of additional and sudden actions during the standard game. Leprechaun constantly walks in front of the game screen and presents various surprises.

These can be random wild symbols, as well as high-value symbols. They randomly appear on the game screen and only then reels stop. Quite often you can get a good win for such a spin. It is also worth noting a large number of wild symbols that move in chains along game reels. I did not have time to see the filled screen with wild symbols, but I assume that this is quite possible.

Free spins

Free spins can be won in various ways. The easiest of them is to catch on the game screen 3 gold pots with the inscription FREE SPINS. Next, you are invited to choose one of them. By choosing you will find out how many free spins you have won. This method of producing free spins has one minus.

Almost always free spins are very few. The second way to get free spins is that there is a huge pot of gold on the game reels. Once I got such a pot and I got a huge amount of free spins – 40. On the other hand, for these 40 free spins I won only x90 from my total bet in the Rainbow Jackpots slot.

Beer bonus

As you know, all Irish people love dark beer. The manufacturer knew this feature of our people very well. That is why in this game there is a bonus called Beer Bonus. In order to play it, you need to catch three characters with glasses of dark beer. After that, you will see a bar counter and three beer taps with empty glasses.

You are invited to choose one of these three glasses. Next, the bartender will open the taps and beer will pour into all glasses. The more beer that is poured into your glass, the greater will be your gain. They say that if you drink real Irish dark beer during this bonus, then the win will always be big. Who knows? Maybe it’s worth a try?

Free version of the Rainbow Jackpots slot

We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to play this slot for free. Just click the appropriate button on this screen and you can enjoy this game. if you want to try your luck in a game for real money, then select an online casino from our list. Be sure to check for games from the Red Tiger provider in this casino.

Mobile version of the game

As I understand it, all games from Red Tiger work on HTML5 technology. This means that they are all accessible from any mobile device. It doesn’t matter what kind of device it is – a tablet or smartphone. just open the game on your mobile and start playing.

Irish spirit game

I consider it important to recall that the Rainbow Jackpots slot carries the Irish spirit and atmosphere of our homeland. every Irishman should at least try to play this slot at least once. Amazing music and beautiful design of the game will not leave you indifferent to it. Enjoy this vibrant full game.