Play Gonzo's Quest Slot Machine For Free

Play Gonzo’s Quest Slot Machine For Free

Since the discovery of America, the theme of a rich continent has been accompanying humanity. One of the most striking examples of the popularity of this topic is the Gonzo’s Quest slot.

Before us are the ancient buildings of the Aztecs or Incas. Everyone knows that these tribes possessed tremendous wealth. The protagonist of this game goes in search of these riches.

The main character is a conquistador named Gonzo. His helmet, armor, boots and cross on his chest clearly indicate that he is one of the Spanish invaders of the New Continent.

Play Gonzo's Quest Slot Machine For Free

On the game screen on the left, the whole game is accompanied by Gonzo. He carefully watches as we move towards the treasures among the ancient stones with the faces of the local Gods. I suggest you get poisoned in this quest with me. Let’s see how this slot attracts so many players.

Divine symbols of the slot

I do not know for sure, but it seems that the deities of the ancient tribes are depicted in the symbols of the slot. It is difficult to determine whether they are animals or other creatures. I could recognize only a bird and a dog among them. The rest are human faces or masks.

It is easiest to separate them by the color of the stone on which they are depicted. The stones in the Gonzo’s Quest slot come in the following colors – light gray, dark gray, red, green, beige, brown and purple. Also among other game symbols are scatter and wild. The wild symbol is made in the form of a question mark on a gray stone.

The scatter is the symbol with the other gate to the golden pyramid. The shape of this ancient door is round, and the color is golden. The very specificity of the game is that when any win occurs, the stones explode, and new ones fall in their place.

Free falls

Free Falls is the original name for free spins in this game. In order to be able to play this bonus game you need to get 3 or more characters with a golden gate. At the same time, these symbols should line up on one game line.

It is also worth mentioning that the wild symbol in this slot from NetEnt can replace the scatter. Thus, you do not have to catch all three symbols of the golden circle. it’s enough that some of these stones have been replaced with bonus ones.

In a regular game, with each match of the lines on the game screen, the winning multiplier increases. If in a standard game the sequence of factors looks like this – x1, x2, x3, x5, then in the bonus game the factors go in this order – x3, x6, x9, x15.

So, you have 10 free spins. The scheme of the game in the bonus is exactly the same as in the standard game. The only difference is the increase in the size of the win multipliers.

The bonus game with free spins gives you the opportunity to win really a lot very rarely. Therefore, in order to win big you have to wait a bit. Sometimes the gain can be very large. at that moment you realize that the Incas or the Aztecs really possessed a huge amount of gold.

Free version of the game

NetEnt is happy to provide you with the opportunity to play this slot for free. Any site owner can install this game on their web page. Our site is no exception. Right on this page you can try Gonzo’s Quest slot absolutely free.

Is the game available for Irish players

All NetEnt games are available to the Irish, so you can play it right now from your own home. No registration required. Just turn on the game and enjoy.

I also want to remind you that a fairly large number of online casinos provide free spins in the Gonzo slot for the first deposit. So if you like the game and want to play it for real money, then you can very well use these bonuses.