Free Online Slots

Free online slot machines play for fun We present to your attention the most popular free slots among Irish players. We analyzed the slot market and decided to provide only the most popular game demos from various manufacturers. Our top list of slots includes games from NetEnt, Microgaming, Amatic, as well as many other providers.

However, the three providers I have indicated are still of most interest to the Irish. You can play these slots absolutely for free for fun. All these slots have different characteristics from each other, due to which these games have become popular.


One of the most important parameters when choosing a slot is its RTP (return to player). Basically, this figure ranges from 90% to 99.99%. It all depends on the provider and the type of game. For example, jackpot slots have a lower RTP. This is due to the fact that a certain percentage of the total number of bets is deducted in favor of the jackpot.

If there is no jackpot in the slot, then the RTP is much higher. You should not take the RTP indicator as something completely accurate. This indicator is constantly floating and only by the end of the reporting period becomes accurate. We sold to our Irish visitors games with different RTP. This adds interest to the game.

How to play slots

In order to start playing slots for free, you just need to select the game you are interested in and click on the game icon. A special page will open before you. On this page you will see the PLAY FOR FREE button. If you click on this button, the download of the game you are interested in will begin.

After the download is complete, a game field with all the necessary buttons will appear in front of the player. Each individual provider has its own slot management system. But do not think that it is difficult. Each interface is intuitive for any player. You can experience some difficulties with the game only if you are an inexperienced player and the first time you play slots.

Slot simulator

Among the Irish, you can often meet people who call the slots a little differently. They call them slot simulators. We hasten to please you and inform you that this is just another name for ordinary free slots. It’s just that different people call slots differently. Separately, you can consider the search for slots on Google Play for slot simulators.

In this case, people are simply looking for applications on Android with a lot of regular slots. But it should be understood that NetEnt, Microgaming and Amatic do not distribute their games through applications on Google Play. The reason for this is the danger of children downloading application data.

Popular casino slots with free chips

What are the most popular slots among the Irish? All the games we provide are popular and are constantly searched for for the game. But of all these games, 3 of the most famous are especially distinguished. These are Starburst slot, Gonzo’s Quest and Book of Dead. The first two games were released by NetEnt, the most famous casino gaming manufacturer.

Book of Dead slot was created by Play’n GO. In addition to these slots, there are many more interesting games. These are Bonanza, Rainbow Riches, Wolf Gold and Eye of Horus. We did not add games that are uninteresting to the Irish. If you want to see a game, be sure to write to us about it.

Now you should talk about free chips. Not all online casino enthusiasts know what it is. And the answer to this question is very simple. In fact, this is simple virtual money that is credited to your account in the demo version of the game. Here, too, everything is different. Some providers charge 5,000 virtual euros. Another 2,000 pounds. Sometimes the same provider charges virtual funds in its various slots also in different ways. Most of all this can be found in games from the company Microgaming.

Video slots no signup

Recently, more and more often you can hear that many sites cease to provide players with the opportunity to play video slots no signup. Representatives of these sites say that this is due to the risk of involvement in gambling. We could argue with that. If all sites remove free slots from their pages, then the players will have no choice but to register in an online casino and start playing for their own money. In this case, most likely, the players will lose their money. A player cannot lose only in one case – if he plays with virtual money. What then is the danger of free games? Is the player not losing his own money? A very strange concept.

No registration

In addition, a free slot game on our website does not require registration from the Irish. You do not need to register in order to enjoy free slots. This is a great advantage. Especially recently, when players more and more want to drive directly to the casino. We give you the opportunity to play slots for free when you want it and as much as you want. Even if you run out of virtual money you only need to refresh the page and your balance will resume. Play slots without registration free.

No download

Also, we do not require you to download anything. No applications, no programs. You can play slots for free right on our website without downloading any software. Just play and enjoy the best slots in the world. Most often you are offered to download something to your computer or smartphone in order to then be able to advertise your products to you. It could be an online casino advertisement or something else. We recommend that you never download anything. Look for sites with the ability to play without downloading. Such as our site)).

Instant play

Online casino customers are already a thing of the past. People understand that everything is already implemented in the browser. Initially, PC applications were created with the goal of not giving the player to another online casino. Indeed, the player downloaded the program and launched it if you wanted to play in the casino.

In this case, the whole game took place in the same casino. Thus, the player was deprived of the opportunity to even get acquainted with interesting offers from other online casinos. Instant Play is a unique opportunity to play slots for free right in your browser. Well, now a few words about providers.


Netent slots free playNetEnt slots have taken the lead over the past 10 years. The company and its employees have done a lot to take the honorary title of industry leaders. A huge assortment, variety and colorful content brightened the evenings of many players and fans of online casinos. It is impossible to find an online casino that does not provide the opportunity to play slots from NetEnt.

You can find such a casino more precisely, but it is very difficult to do, because it is only 1 out of 100. Such popular games as Space Wars, Steamtower, Starburst, Reel Rush and others have become the hallmark of this provider in the world of online gambling.

Microgaming slots free play

Microgaming slots free playThis slot provider, in our opinion, has firmly entrenched itself in second place among all game manufacturers. The main advantages of Microgaming are a huge assortment and a large section of live games. Games are released a few per week. This was made possible thanks to the unique Microgaming strategy, which consists in collaborating with small but talented studios around the world.

Often when loading a Microgaming slot, we see various logos of these small companies. Thus, this provider implements a variety of ideas in global gambling. Just recently, inventing something new in this industry is becoming more and more difficult. And this is where the fresh look of young studios is needed. This is exactly what happened at the time with the studio Qickspin.

Amatic slot free

Amatic slot freeIreland has become the second home for a slot provider called Amatic. Free slots of this company have gained extraordinary popularity among the Irish. Until now, no one can say with certainty how the company achieved such success in Ireland.

Perhaps this was made possible thanks to the theme of slots. In these slots you can often find games related to the sea or water. The most popular of these are Wild Shark and Blue Dolphin.

Slot games with bonus rounds

Approximately 90% of the slots are games with bonus rounds. The term bonus rounds can be understood as various bonus games. These can be special bonuses or free spins. There are also a large number of games with respins and other additional features. the whole point of such games is to wait on the part of the player for the moment when this treasured bonus game finally begins. And not just start, but also bring a large amount of money won. After all, every experienced player knows that not every bonus game can bring a big win.

Best mobile demo slots free

All mobile games and slots deserve a separate title. Recently, the scope of mobile services has been developing rapidly and every provider is trying to keep up with the times. That is why we have selected for you a list of slots that you can play for free from your mobile device.

You do not need to change the site for this. Upon entering our site, you will immediately see the mobile version. It will also be very easy for you to use this mobile version. Just select the demo slot you are interested in and click on the appropriate button to start the game.

New real money slots

Also, we do not forget about the news among the slots. all top providers are constantly releasing new slots. We try to keep track of these updates and provide you with the latest. However, we do not add uninteresting games. Among our new slots, you will find only those that are interesting to play the Irish.

Also, do not forget that we have slots that you can play not only for free, but also for real money. For us, it makes no sense to add a game that you cannot play in online casinos for real money. Therefore, you will always receive only the newest, most interesting and exciting games from the most famous manufacturers.

No deposit slots with free spins

Also, every Irishman will be able to find slots on our website in which some online casinos provide no deposit bonuses. Usually among the online casinos presented on our website, we mark those where the Irish can use no deposit free spins. As an example, I can cite the online casino Videoslots. For registration at this casino you will receive 11 free spins in the Starburst game.