How To Play Blackjack

How To Play Blackjack

What is Blackjack?

How To Play BlackjackBlackjack is a very popular gambling game. People play this game around the world. With the advent of online gambling, the popularity of all games has increased significantly. People got access to the opportunity to play right at home using only their own computer and access to the Internet. This also applies to the Blackjack game.

You probably often met this game in various works of art. It is impossible to find a person who at least once in his life would not have met this game. The main distinguishing features of this gambling entertainment are simple rules and a large number of interesting varieties. If we are talking about Ireland, then in our country this game is especially popular. Every month, 2,000 Irish people search Blackjack on Google to play for free or for real money. I think we should talk about such an interesting game in more detail.

How to play (Rules)

As I said, the rules for playing blackjack are quite simple. The main condition for winning is a clear set of points. In this case, it is 21 points. Now I will talk about the rules in the classic version of the game. There are many variations and variations of Blackjack, but it is the classic version that is the most popular. So, players take turns receiving cards from the dealer. In the starting hand, 2 cards are issued to each of the participants in the drawing.

After receiving two playing cards, the player decides whether he needs one or more cards. The bottom line is that you can not do exhaustive points. Otherwise, you will definitely lose. If you are not sure that the next card issued to you by the dealer will not bring you more points than necessary, then it is better not to take it.

For example, if you scored 20 points, then the chance that you will receive a card with a face value of 1 point is minimal. 1 point is an ace. You can see for yourself how much in this case your chances of not scoring more than 21 points in total are minimal. After you decide to stay with additional cards, you suggest that other participants continue the game. All this time, the cards are closed and no one knows how many points anyone has.

After everyone has collected the required number of cards, the opening of the closed cards occurs. At this moment, it is decided who won the bank. If at least one player scored 21 points, then he immediately becomes the winner. If 2 players from the players scored 21 points, then they divide the bank among themselves. If no one scored 21 points, then the player who scored the most points close to 21 wins. For example, 20, 19, 18, and so on, but no more than 21 points. Because in the latter case, this is already a bust of points.

Blackjack online

With the development of online gambling, blackjack has gained new popularity and new fans. If before that this game could only be played with friends and in special places, now it is now possible for absolutely everyone to do this regardless of their status, number of friends and the ability to visit real casinos.

In order to try your hand at this interesting game, Internet access and the availability of a computer, laptop or smartphone are enough. If you also want to play, then register in any online casino and find this game. The most popular option now is playing with a live dealer.

Live casino

Absolutely all online casinos on our site are selected for Irish players. Also, all these casinos have blackjack games in their assortment. You can choose any brand of online casino that suits you and register on this site. If you want to play blackjack for real money, then make a deposit and click on the Live casino section. Then from all live games, select blackjack. After loading, a special table with a live dealer will open in front of you. Most likely it will be a pretty girl. It is she who will offer you to make the first bet. The rest is up to you.

Free blackjack games

Personally, I do not like playing with a live dealer. I prefer to play mathematically with an ordinary computer dealer. Firstly, this dealer does not distract me from the game, as a pretty girl does. Secondly, in this version of blackjack I have more time and I do not need to rush. Indeed, in the live version other players are waiting for me and the online casino is forced to rush me. Anyone makes mistakes if in a hurry. But this applies to the game for money. What about free blackjack games?

It is clear that no one will provide you with a live dealer in a free game. Live dealers only work in a real money game. And you want to play blackjack for free. No problem. You can do this on our website or on any other. The main thing is that there was a free demo version of the game. A huge number of game providers have released their free blackjack game options. Here are the best of them in my opinion – NetEnt, Microgaming and Red Tiger Gaming. These three providers created around 30 different free demos of blackjack.

Of particular note is the fact that the free versions of blackjack allow you to hone and improve your own strategy and style of the game. If you are a beginner, then in the free blackjack game you can study the rules more thoroughly. If you are already an experienced player, then you can improve your results without spending your own money.

It is quite profitable. All you need to do is find the demo version of the game, download it and test new ways to make a profit in the game. But do not consider blackjack, like online casinos in general, as a way to make money. You must remember the main rule – the casino always wins. You can win in one single short period of time, but you can not do this for a long distance of the game.

3 to 2 or 6 to 5

Experienced players have long known that online casinos earn on the margin of the game. That is, the minimum percentage that the casino receives is counted from each bet. Otherwise, online casinos would not exist at all. This also applies to the payment rules for 3 to 2 and 6 to 5 in blackjack systems.

In the first case, the game is very profitable for the player because it takes a very small margin. In the second case, the game is very disadvantageous for the player and very beneficial for the casino. Carefully select the site on which you will play. We try to choose for the Irish those casinos where this indicator is 3 to 2. However, before starting the game, double-check these numbers on your chosen site.


There is just an incredible amount of strategies in blackjack. This is due both to the long history of the development of this game, and to the individual approach to this entertainment on the part of each player. We will not dwell on this in detail. On the Internet there is a whole site devoted to various strategies for playing blackjack. Use Google to find interesting strategies.

I will say only one important thing – not a single strategy will bring you much profit over a long distance. you must understand that the strategy does not guarantee a constant income, because online casinos always remain in the black. Even if you manage to find such a strategy, the casino management will still see your actions and will most likely block your account. In addition, many online casinos in their rules indicate a ban on playing blackjack for certain strategies.

Conclusion for Irish Players

We care about the safety of Irish players, so we are not fooling you. We won for you the most profitable games in terms of blackjack online casinos. But you must clearly determine for yourself what purpose you are starting to play this game. If you play for free, then there is nothing to worry about because you will not lose your own money.

If you want to play blackjack for real money, then pay attention to two important points. The first point is the terms of the game in blackjack. These conditions should be beneficial to you. The second point is the understanding of the fact that it is almost impossible to beat an online casino. Do not try to do this. Just enjoy the game.